Sessions at Government 2.0 Summit

Gov 2.0 Summit 2009

I’ve been assisting on the program committee for the Government 2.0 Summit that is coming up next week. I’ve been working on two panels in particular.

The first focuses on using technology to better respond to the H1N1 second wave. Michael McDonald and Eric Rasmussen will describe how technology can help us improve our infection surveillance, real time scientific response, situational awareness among the populace, and societal resilience. We’ll also touch on the ways that social media will speed memetic transfer in both positive and negative ways. I’ll be moderating this panel.

The second panel I’ve worked on will be moderated by Lin Wells and will look at how the Army is moving toward user-based innovation in the field. Lin will probe the topic in a conversation with Army CIO Lt. Gen. Jeff Sorenson and PEO-C3T MG Nick Justice. In the last 10 minutes we’ll have three short Ignite-style talks on real innovations that have happened in the field. I’m really looking forward to this one.

If you want to attend and haven’t registered yet, you can request an invite / register here at a 20% discount if you use this code: gvt09pcm

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