Buy an alarm clock

I’ve blogged recently (and often) about my struggles with technology addiction. Since writing this piece in March I’ve made some progress. I make good use of a simple word processor when I’m trying to write, I regularly use a dumb feature phone sans data plan to stay in contact without staying connected, and I’ve been meditating almost every day.

So when I read Turning off technology is about mental wellbeing – not becoming a digital hermit about managing ones digital lifestyle I thought I had it covered. Different person, same journey. But the advice at the end of the piece stood out. “Buy an old-fashioned alarm clock so you can leave your phone in the other room at night.”

I already put my phone on do not disturb at night, but sometimes I still reflexively grab my phone in the morning and check my email despite my stated intention not to look until noon. So I like the idea of just not having the phone in my room at all. I think I’ll try this.

Of course, there are other good reasons not to have your phone in or near your bed.

Anyway, I’m getting that alarm clock. I still have a landline nearby (which is crazy, I know) if anyone really needs to get hold of me at night.

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