Buy an alarm clock

I’ve blogged recently (and often) about my struggles with technology addiction. Since writing this piece in March I’ve made some progress. I make good use of a simple word processor when I’m trying to write, I regularly use a dumb feature phone sans data plan to stay in contact without staying connected, and I’ve been meditating almost every day.

So when I read Turning off technology is about mental wellbeing – not becoming a digital hermit about managing ones digital lifestyle I thought I had it covered. Different person, same journey. But the advice at the end of the piece stood out. “Buy an old-fashioned alarm clock so you can leave your phone in the other room at night.”

I already put my phone on do not disturb at night, but sometimes I still reflexively grab my phone in the morning and check my email despite my stated intention not to look until noon. So I like the idea of just not having the phone in my room at all. I think I’ll try this.

Of course, there are other good reasons not to have your phone in or near your bed.

Anyway, I’m getting that alarm clock. I still have a landline nearby (which is crazy, I know) if anyone really needs to get hold of me at night.

• • •

New home

Hi, welcome to the new home for Limn This. I decided to move it from Typepad to a self-hosted WordPress instance. I’m still trying to fix and clean up some issues so I apologize if it’s a bit of a mess around here.

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The Dash Button – Can you say lock in?

Amazon announced the Dash Button this week and most of the buzz was of the “is this an April fools joke?” variety. That’s unfortunate because it’s a really interesting development and deserves more careful consideration. The Button is simple but it demonstrates the impact of inexpensive inter-networked things.
Simon Wardley’s take was probably the most interesting I’ve seen, if a little bit breathless. The Dash Button is best suited for recurring consumables and while that will hurt local grocers, I don’t see it cratering their businesses despite the importance of paper towels and milk to their bottom lines. I also don’t buy into the idea that Bezos bought the Post (and Buffett bought Media General) to turn it’s printing presses and delivery trucks into a Button manufacturing and distribution engine.
To put my money where my mouth is I bet Simon a cup of tea that Warren Buffet won’t be making a “small fortune” by 2030 on the manufacture and distribution of digital electronics via printing presses. He should have said “Berkshire Hathaway” because I’ve got not only the weight of my argument on my side but the actuarial probability of Warren’s expiration by then as well. If I lose, I’m counting on the mists of time to intervene on my behalf and maybe Simon will just forget our bet by then.


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