On to the Next One

You know, you don't realize how many different places on the web you've stashed a bio of some sort until you need to go around updating them. They seem to be everywhere once you start thinking about it. I'll get to them all eventually, but for now I'm just going drop a brief post here.  

So here's the big news, I'm no longer a defense contractor. Of course some would argue I never really was, but as of January 1 I officially moved from our defense practice into our Architecture Innovation group.  There I'll continue to focus on the various bits of the Intentionally Emergent IT Enterprise: Open Source Software, various aspects of utility computing, collaboration and community, etc., but now for a broader set of industries.

This new role should have me bouncing between verticals so I'm sure I'll still do some work in defense, but it won't be my primary focus. After helping build a company in the defense space from the ground up and then three more post-acquisition years here I'm a bit stunned to think about how long its been. I'm thrilled to be re-entering the commercial sector with so much interesting stuff going on.

First stop on this new journey is Big Data.  I'm off to Strata Conference next month. Maybe I'll see you there.

• • •