Campaigning, Technology, and Supporter Generated Content

I’m accustomed to receiving invitations to donate money to political campaigns but today I received an invitation to participate more directly in a calling campaign as part of Obama’s virtualized campaign phonebank. Of course McCain and Hillary have them too. It’s not a groundbreaking use of technology per se, but it feels groundbreaking in the political sphere where we are generally expected to passively absorb.

They aren’t really doing much more than providing a number to call and a script. Perhaps if they provided an embedded VoIP client they wouldn’t have to include this statement about costs (which I guess are essentially contributions that are beyond contribution accounting).


Obama’s site is noteworthy for leveraging the power of game mechanics and creating an opportunity to be recognized as an uber supporter.


Though these virtual phonebanks are simple uses of technology, I hope they are a hint of the power of networks to create a more participative future political environment.

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