Cyber Command – The People Challenge

I’m quoted in this article wondering about the potential culture gap between typical military recruiting and the kind of geek you need for cyber warfare. The entire hacker ethos revolves at least partially around the axle of free culture and contra-authoritarian thinking; how will the military attract people with hacker skills from that pool for their new Cyber Command? And if they do attract them, will they be able to engage them effectively?

I don’t think the comparison comes off as well in print as it did in my head when I said it, but I made the point that Roosevelt’s first commando’s eschewed most of the traditional military customs of the day and eventually morphed into today’s highly effective special forces. Perhaps a data point to consider as Cyber Command stands up.

I made one other point which didn’t make it into the article. The line between military cyber efforts and civilian defense is much more blurred than in other warfighting domains and to be most effective I believe that Cyber Command will need to be much more effectively integrated across military boundaries to a variety of government and civilian communities.

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