What to read?


I woke up this morning to this article on CEO libraries. It was interesting that none of the people profiled are reading business books, they are reading history, philosophy, literature, and even poetry.

It got me thinking about my post from a while back on reading business books. I’m still reading far more literature and non-fiction than “business reads” but I’m afraid, since that post, I have fallen into the trap of reading more industry stuff.

Business books like The Ten Faces of Innovation, which I really enjoyed, are worth reading. But in the big scheme of things, I continue to feel like I get more out the other end of my bookshelf where recent reads (or re-reads) like Life and Fate, My Life, and The Complete Works of O’Henry rest.

By the way, I have only a very small part of my library listed so far (and I started at the wrong end of the bookshelf), but Shelfari is a fun way to catalogue your library and then incorporate it into social networks to make connections based on common reading interests.

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