Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software

I’ve been wading through a collection of papers on F/LOSS from MIT press and am finding it to be a great resource. I’m reading it in book form (available from MIT press) but it is also available online here as a pdf.

What I particularly like is the academic balance of the papers. Standing in front of the Open Source Steamroller by Robert L. Glass (page 81) and Assessing Open Source Software Development by Rusovan, Lawford, and Parnas (page 107) offer a sampling of cautionary contrarian views that are valuable to keep in mind.

In the first paper, Rober Glass takes advantage of his 45+ years in the industry to question some of the underlying assumptions of the movement by looking at similar things in his past experience. In the second, the authors dig into the emergent design of the Linux ARP module and ask whether the result is maintainable.

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